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  • hogger ·
    I was just reading the posting about the front wheel bearings on the Spectra5 and saw where you thought you may make a video on the replacement. Did you ever make that video? I'm about to do that and replace my sway bar bushings at the same time. I was just trying to save myself some time (which I am in short supply of) and didn't want to end up taking off half a dozen other things if I don't need to. I actually just replaced the K-Frame and control arms on the same car.
    ratsttam ·
    I just saw the picture you put up with the blue dash cluster lights. I don't recall seeing a post about how you did that. If there is a post, can you bump it so I can find it. My wife wants to convert from green to purple (already have an aftermarket radio with multi color lighting). If there wasn't a thread already, would you mind putting some information up about it?

    Matt Starzer (ratsttam)
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