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  • SW_Sport ·
    Hi Kotlar2000. Sorry to take so long to respond, I don't come in here so often any more.

    Yes. I can happily report that my problem is solved (I think). The car is mostly now as quiet and smooth as the 2008 model I had before, after Kia DK fixed a glowplug problem and changed an injector.

    When I say "think", I mean that the diesel regeneration process does cause a noticable change in engine noise and runs a little more often than I would like. I now always use a cetane boosting fuel additive that makes the engine feel smoother and claims to reduce smoke, but still get a regeneration every 200km or so. I am wondering whether this might be related to the blue smoke (I interprest as white smoke) and rough running thread. On dpf cars this would be masked but would cause quicker clogging of the dpf and more frequent regeneration. Good luck with your car!
    kotlar2000 ·

    I have the exact problem as you have with my pro_ceed with the same engine. Have they managed to solve your problem? Mine is going to the shop tomorrow where they will put in new fuel injectors, however I don't think it will help. I would appreciate it very much if you could send me an answer as soon as you can, I have taken up your case as an example about the problem (they claim that my car is the only car in europe with this problem logged).


    Daniel Kotlar
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