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  • ksnyder211 ·
    Not sure I understand about the additive. I'm a stickler for Shell (but 87 octane) and/or Chevron. Plus, an old mechanic told me Marathon had a good additive package although that was a long, long time ago.

    Would I not need to worry about an additive using Shell? But if I did need an additive what should I use?

    Not too familiar with nagivating a forum so if you could email me at [email protected] I'd appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    jabermazzida ·
    Hi there. just wanted to ask if you have any idea how to test the actuator (4WD) motor on sorento 2007? Mine had stopped working since like 6 months. Lights only flash but klink or anything. I tried everything but the motor. So, if you know how to test if it is working or not, please tell me cuz this is driving me crazy. Thanks
    GoGators ·
    Re: 04' Optima -Transmission gasket/seal leaking around the drive shaft.
    Gonna post this one in the main forum but thought I would check with you as well. Just had the timing belt replaced. My Kia has never dripped a drop of fluid before the repair, leaks Trans fluid now. Mechanic informs me that I need to replace a worn out 'Axle Shaft Seal'. Do you have any info that could help me repair this myself? Seems simple enough, most shafts will slide free without removing the trans, assume the seal can be replaced with pulling, or having to crack open the trans.?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me on my Kia repairs.
    GoGators ·
    Re: Broken motor mount, 04' Optima (Skip to question in bold txt if u like)
    I recently had the timing belt replaced. My mechanic stated I had a broken frnt mount, passenger side. To Repair, I'm assuming I need a floor jack to lift the motor, just enough to take the weight off the broken mount? Is it difficult to get to? Where is the best location to place the jack under the motor? Is Oil pan okay for jack? Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    I figured it broke while replacing the T-belt. Dunno why he didnt fix it then but now he wants $600-$800 to replace the mount? Seems high to me! he replaced the timing belt, plugs & wires and the water pump for under a $1000. So, Im wondering if its a pain in the *** or what?
    ELuc43 ·
    Hi there, I did a ATF drain and fill on a 2010 Kia Sedona LX with 30K miles, I got the ATF SP III from the dealer, and I filled the transmission with the amount of fluid I drained out. My question, Sir, is why when I look at the dip stick the level it is over to the FULL mark? I followed what the Sedona manual suggested in checking the fluid. Did I overfill it with ATF? Thanks - Ed
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