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  1. Oz Headunit

    2016+ Sorento
    Okay thanks, I'll do some more googling and see what I can come up with. Although I think i might just go the aftermarket Chinese versions ;). Might be easier....
  2. Oz Headunit

    2016+ Sorento
  3. Oz Headunit

    2016+ Sorento
    Thanks for your response! According to KIA Australia, my head unit can't be upgraded to Android/Apple Car play. Whats more no further updates are available. At least according to them. I may consider getting a Chinese aftermarket version if this fails.....but will have to see.... Thanks
  4. Oz Headunit

    2016+ Sorento
    I swear I posted this only moments ago but anywhoo.... Thanks frayedsew for your response. I should have mentioned that this is for a 2016 Australian SLI Sorento. I believe i can infact purchase updates or at least map updates for around $250 per update. At least that is what I have heard...
  5. Oz Headunit

    2016+ Sorento
    Hi guys & Gals, Brought a 2016/17 Kia Sorento in late 2016 with the older head unit that doesn't support Android Auto/Apple Carplay etc. Apparently the head unit I have is no longer supported and no more updates are being released for it including for the map side of things. This is despite...