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  • ronjohn ·
    mike sorry to not get back to you sooner don't log on so much let alone check my messages i think its between 10-15% but not sure. my son has the car but tomorrow ill check what my scanner says on that
    Michael Oaks ·
    Hey Ron maybe you could help me out, my mechanic wants to know what is the factory set idle throtle percent level? He is trying to set my Rio to all the default factory values, he said right now is at 12 and the car starts at 11... Not sure what he means but he is monitoring it through the ODB2 APP Torque with his smart phone.
    Riubert ·
    Hello ronjohn. Im Riubert, I have posted a treath I would like you to take a look and help me if you can. this is what I wrote:
    The ECU fuse blew on my Kia Rio 2003 tow days ago while I was driving and the car died. I replaced the fuse and drove for about 2 more km and it blew again, now as sun as I install a new fuse it blows up. Could any body out there tell me what it could be, what to check first and how? I’m an industrial electrician but I haven't done any work in a modern car ever. I’m originally from Cuba and cars there are very old, simpler and different.
    I got the wireing diagram and I desconnected all the components fed by that fuse(ECM,TCM and Alternator and I stell have 12V on the fuse terminals. it looks to me that is a short in the wireing but I would like to know your opinion. Thank you.
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