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  • lonewolf17 ·
    Hi Roger, Thanks for the PM. Yeah I noticed a huge delay in getting messages posted. Probably one of the reasons why it has taken me so long to reply to your PM.
    I guess Kia is exerting control over negative posts. That is one reason why I went easy with my post regarding my shot 2.0Turbo at 25,000 miles. Though Kia has been very stand up on instantly saying they were going to give me a new engine, it is now two months in that I am without my Sorento. Living in the Buffalo, NY area we just received 18"-24" of snow this past week and I'm driving around a Nissan Maxima, if is loaded at least, six inches off of the ground with low profile tires! I have been looking online at other car options to possibly dump the Sorento when I get it back. I'm nearing retirement and I was hoping the Sorento would be my last "new" car purchase to last at least 10 years like my 07 Hyundai Sante Fe.

    Go Rams in the Super Bowl!
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