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  1. Any way to silence rear cross traffic alert

    2016+ Sorento
    Unfortunately, due to physical issues, we have had to install a platform lift for taking a mobility scooter. Sorento is 2016, that has the rear cross traffic alert. Now whenever the car is in reverse the lift mechanism obstructs the alert sensor and sounds the alert. The rear view back up camera...
  2. Shroud under Engine

    2016+ Sorento
    Thanks for the clarification regarding V6 oil filter on top of the engine...that makes changing your own oil by drawing it out through the dipstick using one of the many vacuum devices available the easiest oil change ever. Also looks like adding the replacement oil through the filter housing...
  3. What kind of deals are you guys getting?

    2016+ Sorento
    Netscorer: OTD price was $25000 which included all fees, taxes and tags. $24661 plus $300 SC tax (that's the maximum limit for sales tax on cars in SC no mater how much the purchase price is...$100,000 car purchaser still only pays $300 in sales tax) plus an additional $39 for new tags (not...
  4. What kind of deals are you guys getting?

    2016+ Sorento
    Recently purchased new 2016 Sorento LX 2.4 with convenience package, mats and cargo cover. MSRP $28,775. Dealer had other installed options which were pinstripe, nitrogen and bug deflector (all of which I gave little or no value). Price negotiated was $24,461 (including dealer fees and $1750...