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  • rhandwor ·
    The problem I had was a bad etacs unit I replaced this and the ground went away. I pulled the fuse for this unit. With the battery ground disconnected I put a 12 volt test light between the fuse pin and the battery ground and it light up. I then disconnected each item on the circuit and the etacs was the last one I checked.
    ron1004 ·
    You could post the actual results of a parts search:
    kia sephia timing belt | eBay

    Or a specific item on sale"

    98 04 Fits Kia Sephia Spectra 1 8L FB Engine Timing Belt Water Pump Kit | eBay

    You can also post a description "Kia Sephia Timing Belt" , then highlight it with your cursor and click 'Inset Link' above the text box and paste the URL link into that.
    heslehurst ·
    Hello I am new to this and not sure if posted correctly,if you can help.
    I have Kia sportage 2.0 crdi 2006
    My car has a solid fly wheel fitted and my garage is saying it should be dual fly wheel and this is causing me problems with warranty for work they have just done.The car has never been modified so I know I bought it with solid fly wheel .can anyone confirm this is correct and give me any site info which confirms this. My e mail [email protected]

    thank you.
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