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  1. Smart Liftgate Not Working

    2016+ Sorento
    Yes I was basically up against the door to see if that helped. It works with the keyfob and from the button inside the car and on the button on the actual hatch itself. I haven't changed the keyfob battery in some time. Its the same with both fobs. I'll keep trying and let you guys know if...
  2. Smart Liftgate Not Working

    2016+ Sorento
    Hi Guys, I have an SX and my Smart Liftgate is no longer working. I did check the options menu in the display and checked it off and on to see if that would reset it and it won't. So it won't auto-open when locked if I stand by the rear liftgate with the key, nor will it allow me to just grab...
  3. WTB: 2013-2015 Optima SXL Chrome 18" Wheels

    Parts For Sale / Trade
    Hi Guys, Looking for another set of MINT/CLEAN 2013-2015 Optima SXL Chrome 18" Wheels. No tires. Needs to be pre-2016 because the offsets changed in 2016. If you have a set available, please let me know. Thank you
  4. 2019 Sorento at LA Auto Show

    2016+ Sorento
    I think it looks nice. Subtle updates to keep it current but most people probably won't notice the difference. Captains chairs as a 2nd row option would be nice.
  5. 2019 Sorento at LA Auto Show

    2016+ Sorento Here it is. Looks nice I think. I wonder how much better the MPGs are with the 8 speed transmission.
  6. 2018 Stinger - US info

    Kia Stinger Forum
    You can build it on the Kia website now.
  7. Finally, Replacement LED headlights with no Modifications

    2016+ Sorento
    I tried the TRS HID Kit and it blew both my LED strips. So I went with the Diode Dynamic XML2s and they match the Quad LED fogs perfectly and nighttime vision is good. Been running these for about 6 months now and they have had no issues and I've driven about 3 hours at night in the car with...
  8. UVO app

    2016+ Sorento
    That makes sense! I was wondering why it wasn't working. I wonder why UVO sucks so bad while BlueLink seems to be so much better. Its the same company...they should just retheme BlueLink to make it look like UVO and use that instead.
  9. 2016 Kia Sorento SX (MINOR) Build Thread

    2016+ Sorento
    Yeah all my pictures were on photobucket...bastards.
  10. 2016 Kia Sorento SX (MINOR) Build Thread

    2016+ Sorento
    No not really. They do move slightly if you shut the door fast or something. But other than that, its fine without them being taped in.
  11. Will never purchase another KIA

    2016+ Sorento
    Sorry to hear about your issues. Like someone else said, I think its the exception to the rule but if I had that type of experience, no matter what brand, I'll never buy that brand again. Kia and the local dealership did a piss poor job of customer satisfaction. Makes no sense that they would...
  12. 2018 Stinger in production

    Kia Stinger Forum
    My local dealer said that they wouldn't get any Stingers until around the November timeframe. But how knows. Can't wait to see it.
  13. Stinger ride along

    Kia Stinger Forum
    I was at the dealer last week and they said that they are expecting their first Stringers in November.
  14. UVO E-Services Issues

    2016+ Sorento
    Is anyone experiencing problems with the UVO where it says that the connected device is not compatible or something like that? If I log into the app or, it doesn't have the updated mileage or anything like that. I connected my phone and had my laptop in the car and everything and...
  15. 2018 Kia Sorento Reveal

    2016+ Sorento
    Wow, those headlights are awesome! Headlights and taillights look like direct replacements, no sheet metal change it seems.