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  • gakeanh ·
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    andys08sportage ·
    Hoping this forum can assist with recommendation on the tool hex or T type key that fits the female hex in the transfer case fill plug on a 2008 kia sportage v6 4wd.
    I appreciate if others have figured it out - the distance across the flats is 0.417" and 0.444" across corners - this appears to correspond to either 13/32 which may be a little undersized, 11m and/or 7/16 - the sizes attempted to this point are 11m, 7/16, 12mm all do not fit or do not provide the necessary contact force to do anything but lead to rounding the hole.

    Thanks all and ya got to be smarter than the fill plug - this one has had me doing down-ups and touring all local auto parts stores - dealer indicated a 14mm allen key and I spared myself chasing that rabbit hole based upon my hex measurements
    Laser77 ·
    I have written two posts since joining - neither have appeared (pending a moderator check) ... how long does it take?
    skiat ·
    I have a Kia sorento 2.5 litre 2003 model. Every now and then I experience difficulty in getting any gear. Normally the gears are very easy to change. This problem ocurrs when the car is stopped and I attempt to find any gear. It only happens every now and then ...on average proabaly once every 2-3 days. The gearbox oil and the clutch cylinder were replaced but the problem remains the same. I don't thimk the clutch is going as I never have difficulty getting gears apart from these rear ocassions and I never have any issues with the jeep slipping out of gear. Would appreciate some advice.
    warpedhifi ·
    Pulsar86, I saw your message about helping a person with removing his door panels on a 08 Spectra, and I was wondering if I could get a copy of the procedure? My email address is: [email protected], thanks. And if this made it to you in error, I apologize.

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