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  • newtowne1 ·
    2005 Kia Sedona. OBDII codes are P0031, P0134 and P0154. Should I replace sensors first. Which side is Bank one??
    Also says Heater Control Circuit low. Trying to figure best plan to fix.


    Brent Ferry ·
    I have a 2002 Kia Spectra that I bought from my daughter. When I bought this car, I replaced the transmission with a Kia factory rebuilt transmission. Now there is a code which reads P0713 Trans Fluid Temp Sensor - High output.

    I took it to the dealer who "fixed it" saying it was a "slightly bent connection. They recommended the wiring harness be replaced at the tune of $1100.00....really...smh.

    Is there anyone who could recommend tracing this problem down so it can be fixed!!!

    Pacosworld ·
    Hi. I'm going to guess the mechanic didn't bleed all the air from the system. If you look at the power steering fluid reservoir after you shut the engine off, you may see some bubbling in the fluid or it seems whitish. That's usually a good indication of air in the system. It takes time to get all the air out when it isn't bled right. If it doesn't get quieter over a few days, I'd take it back and have them figure out where exactly the noise is.
    jdinstpete ·
    Hi. i read your response to the following post:

    your response said to have the mechanic check the A/C idler pulley.

    I have a 2006 kia sedona. it was making a slight whining noise. took it to mechanic. he said the high pressure power steering hose had a leak. he filled up power steering fluid and noise went away. we got the new hose and took it to mechanic to replace 2 months later. fluid was down a little when i took it in and whine was barely audible. got the van back from the mechanic and the whine is really loud! can you tell me what might have happened? could it be the A/C idler pulley or do you think it is power steering pump. why would replacing the hose cause the noise to increase exponentially? any help would be appreciated.


    mtsaz ·
    HI, can you help me get onto kia tech info? i have done all I can find, tried IE 10, IE 10 compatibility mode, downloaded adobe svc or sbc or whatever, and no matter what I do, I get the message, "please review the privacy ---". I dont know if you are the person or not, but if you can help or direct me, thanks!
    Pacosworld ·
    Not sure which link your talkind about, but based on the year of the vehicle, it is out of warranty. I'm not sure whether you were talking about the idler pulley that runs with the A/C belt or the A/C compressor pulley, but both were only covered under the basic 5 year/60k warranty, assuming that you are in the US. Seeing how your van is an 03, it would be out of warranty unless this was replaced within 12 months/12k miles by a Kia dealer.
    10downie ·
    hi new to site,kia sedona 2003 worn idler pulley air con,went to your link (very impressed)will dealer replace under warranty.please post back answer.
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