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  • jaredmwright ·
    I was wondering if you could get access and share with me the wiring diagram for the USB port in front of the shifter near the wireless charging area?

    I don't like that it is a very slow charge, doesn't even charge my phone when using Android Auto, only barely keeps it from discharging. I want to see how difficult it would be to install a USB fast charge adapter and wire it into the charge pins, disconnecting the factory charge power and obviously leaving the data pins alone so Android/Apple/UVO maintain functionality.

    I will post up the install if I am able to get it done.

    jpear5598 ·
    I desperately need to find out how i can send and email to the administrator of this web-site!
    Can someone help me? I paid via pay pal for premium sub and they can't find proof. I went to Pay pay and have details.
    Thank group,
    jaredmwright ·
    I received my mirror and plan on changing it this weekend. If you could share how to remove the trim near the mirror area and what colors you connected the mirror to under the trim on the Niro, that would be great.

    I purchased a used 2014 Kia Optima mirror. It has the temperature behind the mirror and 4 wires. Left side grey, then tan, then green and finally black. If you have any idea what wire is ground (assume black) and what the other wires do or go to, it would be super helpful. I think it might be a dimmer, ACC and or constant, although not sure.

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