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  • tommin ·
    Hi, I was passed your credentials via Taff Paddywagon05

    I hope you can help or point me in the right direction.

    2006 Sorento 2.5CRDi:

    I connected a fuel saving chip, but unfortunately connected it to the wrong socket.
    I connected it to a socket near the front of the rail (but not on the rail) which is connected to the engine block. I believe it is the TDC sensor?

    Since then, we had the engine light on, which reset itself!

    Now we have 4 ongoing issues, that have not changed?

    1. The key fob door locking does not function.
    2. The Fan unit only works full speed no reducing via the controller switch. Either on full or off??
    3. Radio does not function?
    4. The RPM & speed needles bounces all over the place, before settling down?

    I have tried the battery disconnect, no joy. I had the earths and sockets checked, no joy?
    Hope you can help!
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