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  1. Door/windscreen pillar trim

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Would it be correct to say that the problem could be that the same clip is used as I keep on seeing that clips must be renewed when replacing a trim ?.
  2. Door/windscreen pillar trim

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Evening all , released upper part of trim to tuck feed wire to a new dashcam behind trim . This went very easily as trim just "clicked "off but now when trying to replace , can't get the trim to "click" back in place. Must be something simple but what am I doing wrong ?.
  3. 2008 KIA Sportage 4cyl..Can I tow a pop up trailer?

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Think we have had this discussion several times in the past. Over here , the Sportage can tow 1400 kg braked weight. I only have the basic 2.0l 2wd.petrol version but tow my 1200 kg caravan with no problems. Last year on our tour of Scotland - up and down hills - on and off ferry ramps- perfect...
  4. What do you guys TOW with your Sportage (2nd gen)?

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Sorry; Schots bedoel ik.
  5. What do you guys TOW with your Sportage (2nd gen)?

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Ben geen kaaskop Hans , ben Schotse.
  6. What do you guys TOW with your Sportage (2nd gen)?

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    That's right Hans , I also regularly tow my 1200 KG caravan and I've only got the basic 2.0 liter petrol 2wd. No problem towing . Off again this summer to Scotland with the caravan. Car tows like a dream.
  7. 2G versus 3G

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Not your fault Richard. Thought that was what you meant, but guess I was just too thick to put it together. Can't make much of a contribution as answer to your question. Have only seen a foto of the 3G , no idea as to technical differences etc. As far as looks only go , prefer my model ( 2007).
  8. 2G versus 3G

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Ok , I've got it ; 2G is 2005 -,2010 and 3G is 2011 onwards. Only took me nearly an hour to work that one out , that's why I drive a sportage !.
  9. 2G versus 3G

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Ok , the hint is 2G , but what is it ?. If this is a "Mastermind "question , then I say pass. It may mean 2nd.and 3rd. generation sportage but we are not all universtity professors and so can mean anything . Nice one ; "what is the name of this sub forum ". please pray enlighten me.
  10. Whats your gas Mileage with SportageII

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Was very surprised with the consumption during our 3 week trip to Scotland towing our caravan. Since we've had the car ( 2.5 years) , consumption has been pretty constant at 9.3 liters per 100 KM. On the morning we left , filled the tank and reset board computer. Final consumption after towing...
  11. What do you guys TOW with your Sportage (2nd gen)?

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Richard, a quick update. Just spent a marvelous 3 weeks back in the promised land. As mentioned , our sportage is the basic 2.0 2WD manual petrol engine but it performed flawlessly. Our caravan weighed in at just under 1200 kilo but even driving around some pretty hairy roads in the...
  12. Navigation

    Kia Sportage Forum
    Have recently bought the Garmin 1490T . One of the features I thought it had was to show the positions ( by icons) of petrol or service stations along the planned route which is especially handy when towing a caravan. I think Tom Tom has this feature. The next best thing that the garmin has is...
  13. What do you guys TOW with your Sportage (2nd gen)?

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Richard , Only 4 more weeks to go until our grand tour of Scotland , towing our caravan of 1100 kg. I only have the manual 4 cylinder sportage 2007 but expect no problems. Even getting up the ferry ramp at Ijmuiden and Newcastle should be OK.
  14. Mounting system for auto navigation

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Just completed my latest creation , a holder for my Nuvi 1490T. Does not interfere with the view of the road ahead ; screen within fingertip reach of steering wheel ; no dirty suction cup marks on windscreen ; uses the unused 1 din space below radio ; not screwed or glued to car so can be...
  15. Which GPS navigation

    2G (2003-2010) Sportage
    Have another question re GPS ; Am looking for a unit that can be used as an electronic road map eg. for planning how to get from A to B in general. Had my eye on the Garmin Nuvi 1490 but seem to remember reading in one or other review over here that a specific destination ( street and number)...