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  • Goose38 ·

    Even if I go everyday on this forum lastly, I've never seen your message until now. Sorry about that.

    As written in my posts, this setup is intially made for the Sportage that share the same low profile bars than the Sorento with panoramic roof.

    As you and I noticed, Thule has not referenced the 2014 Sorento yet.

    So, the setup as described fits perfectly on the 2014 Sorento bars with panoramic sunroof and you can open the sunroof without any problems.

    On my 2014 Sorento since it has been bought, used with cargo box, works perfectly.
    eroymada ·
    Thank you for posting your Thule setup and the associated pics to demonstrate fit. I also have recently purchased a 2014 KIA Sorento SX and am interested in adding a roof rack. I'd like to add the Thule setup as you did rather than the OEM as it seems to be higher quality. I contacted Thule directly and they said that they do not have an offering that fits our vehicles, but clearly yours does.

    Would you please confirm that the parts you listed in your post allow you to mount the roof rack and open the panoramic sunroof without any troubles? I recognize that I am at my own risk, but would like to hear from another user before I buy. Thanks!
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