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  • Mustangman03 ·
    Good morning Dave.. Was Wondering if you could possibly help me out? im still figuring things out on here and im trien to upload a picture i dragged 1 and dropped it but didnt post with my quickpost... and idk about the advanced settings so i try not mess with to much shiznits i have no idea how to mess with... LoL easy quick solutions?
    tshoe8 ·
    Hey Dave, I know you have been talking to a lot of people about fixing the broken (on & off) speedo/odometer on the 06 Kia Spectra... I have got kind of lost in trying to follow all of the different threads you have been apart of.

    Do you have a quick/easy/cheap solution to fix this problem? Even if you direct me to your best response on a post, that would be appreciated. I love my Kia and I don't want to get rid of it! Thank you for all you do Dave!!!
    DeadmanX ·
    Hey dave, the wheel bearing we replaced seem to only last 20k miles. Is there anywhere to find the whole front hub assembly with bearing installed? Thanks
    DavesSpectra ·
    I wish you the best with your 07 Spec...
    You might want to check the disc brake pads while you are at it.. They are cheap enough to replace and save your rotors if they are getting close to the metal...
    I put ceramic pads on the rear of my wife's car at about the same mileage as yours...
    I'm glad you won't have to look forward to monthly outgo.
    drbagabundo ·
    So far I've had an 01 Spectra GS, 06 SX and now this one. They have all been reliable. I have already picked up some NGK Iridium Plugs for my Spectra as I've used these on my V6 Tiburon and the car ran great afterwards.

    I purchased my current car cash so not having payments is incredible.

    I'll be picking ordering the Belts from RockAuto next week and will tackle the gig soon after. I will flush the coolant as well while I'm at it.
    DavesSpectra ·
    The coolant is not worth worrying about...Just change it.. Less than $20.
    We are really here to help to get you in a stable car...
    DavesSpectra ·
    I hope things are going better for you also... Right after I got my SparK Blue 06 Spectra the company I worked for closed it's doors...Me being 60 at the time was out of my last job.... Was glad there were no payments on mine... or I would have lost my "Blue Phoenix" (raised from the dead!!).
    We'll be here to help when you need us!
    DavesSpectra ·
    We all have our "problems"..I'm glad you got another...The SX really isn't that different.
    Mine was a "Total/Salvage" with only 24k miles on it... I did all the rebuilding work on it myself. Got it inspected at the Ohio State Highway Petrol station and been driving it since... On had $2100 in the salvage and less than $1000 in parts.. AND NO Monthly payments..:)

    My wife is also driving an 07 Spectra (White) also with about the same miles as yours.
    They can go 300k miles if you take care of them.

    You are correct on the Goodyear Gatorback belt for the AC and NGKs are the spark plugs that Hyundai/KIA spec'd when the last engine revision was made..The "Champions" were an advertising agreement between KIA and Champion...
    drbagabundo ·
    I appreciate your quick reply Dave, honestly.
    My 06 SX was Repo'd....with 6 payments left!!!!
    Anywho, ran like a champ the entire time.

    So I'm going to go ahead and order the

    GATES Part # T284 (250284) $17.33

    however, I haven't been able to find these items:

    Goodyear AC belt $11.63 (Gatorback)
    (I'm assuming you meant GOODYEAR Part # 4040332 $11.77)

    NGK BK55EGP $2.49 ea
    no clue what this is...

    Also, I do not know if the coolant has EVER been changed as I don't have any maintenance records. Any way I can check it from my end to so if it's been changed?(color, smell, consistency)?
    DavesSpectra ·
    I personally would only replace the timing belt (GATES)... and probably the AC belt...
    The rest should look pretty decent at 75k miles...
    Looks like you got lucky with the 06 SX as far as the belt goes... Did it die on you? (you buying the 07 EX)... The tensioner and pulley probably won't show any major wear and the water pump should be OK if the coolant has been changed.. Coolant problems come from interaction between the dis-similar metals in newer cars (copper/aluminum/steel and the head gasket) they act like a battery when acid builds up in the coolant system... and usually aluminum looses... The radiator and heater core gets material leached away and leaks follow).
    Gates Timing belt T284 $17.33
    Goodyear AC belt $11.63 (Gatorback)
    NGK BK55EGP $2.49 ea
    Prices from

    That's what I'd suggest
    drbagabundo ·
    Hey Dave. I'm looking to tackle the Timing Belt job on my 07 Spectra EX 5MT with about 75k on the motor. I just purchased the car about a month ago with no service records. I had 120k on my 06 Spectra SX original timing belt.

    With this car, I do not want to take any risks. Since I'm going to be in that area. What other belts, sensor, valve, etc; should I be looking to replace while there?

    I'm currently looking at purchasing the GATES Part # TCK284A(KIT) which includes the belt, tensioner and idler pully. Should I just get the belt and ignore the other two items in the kit?

    Also, as far as the PS and WP belt, would GOODYEAR Part # 4030267 , suffice?

    and for the AC belt: GATES Part # K040332 or GOODYEAR Part # 4040332

    PS: I know I'm asking a lot of you so I just want to let you know that your opinion would be highly valued and I would be grateful if you take the time to answer these questions for me.
    panteraguy ·
    Hello. I just joined and you seem to know a lot. I was wondering if you could please help me? I have a 2004.5 Spectra. The headlights, tail lights, and dash lights were not working. The brake lights, turn signals, and hazards worked. Everytime I turned on the headlights the left and right tail light fuses blew. I replaced the head light switch. Nothing changed. I replaces the bcm/ fuse box in the car. The original part number was 91950 2f090 with part number 91950 2f091. Everthing works except the turn signals act like hazards when turned on. Meaning all 4 turn signals blink. The hazards work fine. I replaced all fused relating to hazards and turn signals. I even put the original headlight switch back in but no change. Any ideas? Is it because the last number is different? The new bcm/fuse box had a heated mirror fuse but my original didn't. I have tried taking the heated mirror fuse out. The replacement was from a 2006 kia. Thank you!- Matt from Ohio
    oldtimeraver ·
    Hi dave G'day from down under longtime lurker first time poster
    I have just bought a 06 Kia cerato petrol manual hatch that has been sitting for 6 months i have installed new battery but cant seem to get the car to start as in it will not wind over have check all fuses and relays yet there is still nothing any wisdom would be greatly appreciated cheers jason
    "wv wonder" ·
    Dave , Any suggestions for a 2002 spectra on how to troubleshoot or change shift solenoid a code po753, is the solenoid actually marked A under the pan or how can it be identified ? Also am I correct in understanding all of the solenoids ( a -b -c-d ) are the same part number ? Would you reccomend replacing all or only the " a " ? Any guidance of a place to start would be appreciated , I have a thought in back of my mind that it could be in limp mode due to cyl. Misfire code that is resolved but not before this issue began ? Maybe I'm off track but would really like to know for sure if possible ? Again anything here would be great , Thanks SIr
    Doah06 ·
    How do you get 130lbs of torque on the crank shaft bolt with out the motor turning?
    I'm new to this, hope I am asking the right person lol
    morbid81 ·
    Hey got a small issue with my spectra just keep forgetting about it. One of the washer nozzles shoots higher on the windshield than the other. Is there anyway to adjust this? Any help would be much appreciated.
    morbid81 ·

    My spectra airbag light has been on since before my bumper to bumper went out. But now its gone, Will kia still honor the repair? If not what do I need to replace in order to fix it? and where is it located and what needs removed? BTW what flavor or linux you running? I am dual booting Win 7 Ultimate with Ubuntu
    06Rio_FW ·
    Dave, I have a few questions.
    1. How do I get Linux to automatically log me in when it boots up?
    2. I've clicked an MP3 and it keeps playing but I can't find the player on the bottom bar. How do I turn it off?
    3. I have a NAS (Network Attached Storage) and I can read and write to it, but it won't play MP3s from the NAS. I have to copy them to my desktop.
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