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  • jackhensy ·
    I finished the brake and rotor job with your assistance and knowledge for the best tools.

    Thanks. I posted photos in my thread. Check it out.

    Thanks again!
    jackhensy ·

    Here are some photos of the alternator with the longbolt I loosened. I was going to loosen the top bolt but it got dark and I changed my mind.
    cherry nguyen ·
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    danchoi123 ·
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    7 ngày chưa tắm ·
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    dearmosd ·
    Hello moderator, a fellow Kia owner that is on the other Kia Cadenza forum is asking if a moderator could contact him. He has been trying to sign up to this site but says the message he receives is that he has an incomplete registration. He's not sure on what he is doing wrong. If you could contact him and help him out I'm sure he would be appreciative.

    Thank you

    His contact email address is [email protected]
    endj5 ·
    The diagram got out of alignment when i sent
    __ __

    This is how the blades are facing me on the resistor.
    endj5 ·
    I was reading your info on the blower motor resistor connector and this is my issue. I have 2007 Kia Spectra, the resistor is a 3 blade one, the connector got melted and broke. I was able to find a universal connector kind of DIY rewire your self 4 slot harness that fits. But I dont know what wire goes where.see I have 3 blades. one side by side in this form: __
    __ __
    each of those lines represents the blade but on my harness where do I run the black cable, the red cable and the skinny green cable? they should touch one of each of those blades individually.... help desperate need of help..... the old conector was not there for me to see configuration of wires. Thanks!!!!
    lilblackdog ·
    Hello Dave, I saw you answer quite a few questions so I was hoping you could help me. I have a question about a 2006 Kia Optima. The AC would squeal when you turned it on. It also had a leak in the power steering pump that was driven with for over a year. I replaced the power steering pump and everything ran fine for a day or two and then the belt that had a chip in it to start with, shredded. Replaced the belt and immediately the AC compressor went out. When you turned it on it wouldnt blow air but the RPMs were fluxing from 1-2k, What could have caused that? At one point during changing the pump I got distracted bc I was helping someone else on another project and forgot to put the belt on before I started it to bleed the fluid. Could that have fried the compressor? Just curious what it could have been r if it was just going bad to start with bc of the squeal? Any insight would be appreciated.
    kville kia ·
    Thanks again..... Im trying to help a freind out whos son totalled an 04 optima a couple weeks ago, has a good engine and trans, if we can find a good body for his powertrain he will be relieved..... anyway thanks for the info, will let you know how it turns out.
    DavesSpectra ·
    The yards do get a premium for 2.4L engines even with high mileage...
    I found one on ebay for $550 in your area but it has 170k miles on it..
    Engine Assembly Hyundai Tiburon 03 04 05 06 07 08 | eBay

    If the top of the pistons and the cylinder walls are ok... I'd say repair what you have.
    Does the head look like it's repairable? What is the mileage on the engine?
    Looks like even an expensive head rebuild on an engine with under 100k miles on it may be better than other alternatives...
    kville kia ·
    Thanks, I figured if any body would know, you would.....

    Any idea what the cost to repair a 06 optima w/a 4cyl that snapped the belt and bent valves would cost to repair. Wost case scenario...

    Thanks again...
    DavesSpectra ·
    The Hyundai "G6BA" V6 was used in Optimas from 2000~2006 and quite a few other models...

    Hyundai Delta engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You might have to use sensors/senders from the engine you have removed as emissions can change from year to year and the electronics (ECU/ECM TCU/TCM) may look for specific "data"..or..sensor...

    A V6 to V6 swap IS doable a would be lot easier than a 4I to V6.

    As far as putting a V6 into a 4i ....
    It "could" be done...BUT... a lot of parts would have to be swapped also..
    Wiring harnesses (under the hood and in he cab), suspension, brakes, electronics...
    I guess "if" you had both cars it would be possible...not not quick or easy...
    A good summer project...
    kville kia ·
    Hey DavesSpectra.

    Can you tell me if an 06 Optima v6 would be the same used in a 04 Optima v6....


    Could you put the 04 v6 into an 06 that has a 4cyl....

    Sorry for the limited info, but thats all I have at this point...


    augielocost ·
    Hi Dave ??

    I have an 07 Spectra with the airbag light on. I've had it scanned and they tell me that the control module is still good and it must be a wiring issue. So I was wondering since you have the knowledge if you have any suggestions on what to look for. I've removed all the connectors and made sure they were clean and properly connected but I'm not sure where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    DavesSpectra ·
    Got home Wednesday afternoon after sleeping in the U-Haul truck in a WalMart parking lot (got to the salvage yard 10 minutes too late and they were closed)..
    Got the car home and started doing preliminary repairs... Replaced both driver side doors and did some early adjustments on them... It's gonna take some time to get all the bugs and damage worked out...but the "start" looks pretty good...
    He's a link to some pictures...
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