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  • frayedsew ·
    Sorry I didn't notice your email sooner.

    I'm by no means an expert..but this time I would
    - Not put down $500 deposit ($100 max).. something I'm willing to walk away from.
    - I don't care about the original paper we signed, if I don't have everything I want; I'm walking away from the deal when I show up for the car. Ya, likely loosing the $100

    I purchased mine from North Bay, and I can say I like the people at that dealer A LOT!, the salesman.. well ya.. he's a douche... but if your interested i can hook you up.. I'd like to see if he actually changed as a result of the communication I had with the owner. From what I understand a lot went down as a result of my email.

    So Ya.. I know I'm not helping a lot. Just make sure you get what you want and don't be afraid to walk away.

    As for Sudbury Kia.. I haven't heard a lot of good about that dealer. But the only experience I had was with one salesman that basically told me to go away when I presented him with cost numbers.
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