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  • stirling_AC ·
    Hi Conglomerate,

    I've been searching through this forum to find someone who has worked on a early Kia Carnival. I was hoping you would be able to give me some pointers for a project I've recently bought:

    It's a 2005 Kia Carnival LS (auto) and I'm trying to take off the cylinder heads to replace the head gaskets. I haven't been able to find a Haynes or equivalent manual to get the correct steps and I'm struggling gaining access to many of the bolts on the air manifold and exhaust manifold before I can even think about taking the heads off.

    Do you have any experience of this and can offer any pointers or manual?

    I'm based on the Gold Coast and may be nearby you.

    I hope you can help - my fun project is getting less fun each day ;)

    Many thanks,

    cwfab ·
    Hi Conglomerate,
    Have you been able to figure out the answer to my question on the wiring loom issue I have?

    Dmacca71 ·
    Conglomerate hi I am still having trouble with my Kia 02 carnival. I'm hoping u might b able to shed some light on the subject and that is a miss firing problem . I bought this car last year for 300 with an over heating problem. Managed to repair the over heating problem as one of the pipes had a crack in it so I replaced it. Now that I have that sorted it now runs with a miss is it Leads Plugs Coil ect or something else... There is no water in the oil at all as I thought it might have been a head gasket but no I am inclined now to think it may b a valve or something like that ?????. Also wat is the easiest way to change the front plug closest to the firewall ( The back bank )....also if I can't fix this problem with some general mechanic replace or fix wat would u recommend for a replace engine u can contact me at [email protected] Thanking U Kindly Davo Dmacca71
    tafisama ·
    Oh yes,I have been learning quite a lot on this Forum.I recently bought another Carnival 2001 with 109K on the dash.The reason why it was sold is it could not start when the guy who sold it to me initially bought it.He dod change rear plugs and all plug wire and it started.Then it was coolant not holding up.The exhaust being very wet a sing of worn head gasket that`s why he decided to sell it.Here in SA not so many people want to work on Carnivals.The performance of my 2004 Carnival lead me to buy this second one.I am hoping to keep the two for a while.Yes,I have come to realise that Carnivals do not come with remotes despite them having the Keyless Entry module.I have now installed the ones I bought on Ebay which are working perfectly though initially I wanted Kia things.
    tafisama ·
    G`day Familyman with a Carnival.I finally finished working on my carnival.I must say this engine is a bit of a challenge to work on.I decided to take the engine down and do a complete overhaul.I was very lucky to find Rover 825 parts on ebay.I had to change the piston rings.I found a second hand head from some wreckers but it is very good.The challenging part was holding the liners in place when putting the bearing lader on.I used the Hylomer sealant you have recomended before.The head gaskets I used are elastometric.I was very hesitant to use this type of gasket.Temperature nevers goes above half.I have not gone above 80km/hr yet.One more thing that I need help on is do you have the Remote Keyless entry sytem wiring diagram.I need to make some connection because I have a plug with 4 wires from the module that are not connected.Later on I will need to program a remote for the system,the car did not come with a remote.The central locking system is working though.
    FWR ·
    Hi There, wondering if you could assist?

    I own a 2001 KIA Carnival 2.5 V6 LS model.

    I have already replaced the head gaskets twice and recently again! The last time I had the heads pressure tested and they came back clear. Now (and I think the previous time) there is oil being pushed into the heads again. Except for the head-gasket, what else could the cause be


    tafisama ·
    Hie Familyman with Carnival

    Good`ay mate.My name is Tafi.I am new to the Forum.I am in Adelaide.I have been reading most of your posts and I feel u are the closest person to me in terms of location being in Ozzy.I recently bought a 2004LS.THE PROBLEM IS IT HIT VALVES ON 2,4 AND 6 cylinders.The camshaft slave belts look very new and I suspect Timing was not properly set after after replacing the belts.The biggest problem I am having is how to properly set the Timing without the special tools.I have checked the pistons and they are okay.How best can I set the Timing.The inlet camshaft of CYLINDERS 1,3 and 5 can easily be set with crankshaft because the marks are very visible,however I cant locate the timimg mark on the black plastic cover of cylinders 2,4, and 6 which I strongly believe is the reason that led to the improper timing of the inlet camshaft to crankshaft.Next how do we do timing od the inlet and exhaust shafts on both banks?


    kiiya ·
    Hi Conglomerate!
    I am new to the forum and also living in SE Qld. I notice you have 2 carnivals and as I am considering buying on early one (2000 to 2003) I wondered if you would comment on how reliable these vehicles and in particular the engines are? Thanks, cheers.
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