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  • vanenk ·
    Hi Cobra,

    I have an 09 V6 2WD Borrego LX, looking to replace shocks. Saw your post about a price quote. Here's the last 8 of my VIN: 95012157

    Any recommendations or other thoughts for when I change these out?

    Appreciate your help!
    sorento5 ·
    Hey Bud,
    I just lost my FOB in the snow while snow blowing my street. Its for my 2013 Sorento 95440-1U050. Would you be able to sell me one cheaper. I am located near Toronto, Canada. The prices I'm seeing on eBay are scary.
    oktaneho ·
    I read on another thread that you are a Parts Mgr at a Kia dealer? What do you sell that remote start kit for? 13 Sorento LX 2.4 with key start ignition.
    drbagabundo ·
    Hi cobra, I just picked up a 2006 Sedona LX for the wife and I believe I'm having an issue with the intake tube having a leak in it causing no accel and limp mode to kick in. I've already ordered the TPS and I'm wondering if you can get your hands on the revised intake hose for the 06 Sedona.

    Please let me know...

    I appreciate your time!
    TexasDave ·
    I guess I have the odd problem. Correction on the odometer window being ~$23.00. That is for the reset trip switch. There are dozens of clusters available on line (rather than $575.00 new) but I am concerned about getting my correct mileage reprogrammed on the replacement cluster. I thought all dealers could read the mileage out of the on board ECU and program a replacement cluster for a fee. Any idea of what happens if the on board storage doesn't match the replacement odometer? Do you have a price for a replacement cluster that won't break the bank? Thanks for your help.

    TexasDave ·
    Have you by chance seen a run of odometers going blank on 2013 base model Souls? My cluster works but the odometer/miles to empty/ outside temp is not working. Window was a dim orange. Pulled fuse for instrument cluster and cleaned main ground at the strut tower now the display shows partial digits but nothing legible. Local dealer has not seen this issue. They want to sell a whole new cluster and send both units to California to have my mileage transferred to new cluster. I found a website that sells KIa Parts on Line. The odometer window alone is around $23.00. Just curious if your dealership has seen this issue and if there is a fix other than total cluster replacement. Thanks for any insight.

    snoweagle ·
    Hello. I am saw you on the thread DEVASTATED engine blown... KIA won't fix under warranty. If I am not mistaken, you are a service manager at a KIA dealership. I could your help.

    I have a couple of forms under KIA ForteForms. One I am getting a back lash on is named Discussion on Oil Changes. Can you please check what I have said is wrong. If I am wrong can you please correct me. I want to make sure I am not giving any false information. I would greatly appreciate this.

    The second form I have under KIA ForteForms is discussion on tires. I haven't gotten any back lash on that one so far. I would like you to check that one out too.

    Seems like the subject of oil change and oil filter is a very hot subject. Thank you.
    Gel-E ·

    I have a 2011 Kia Sorento with a push button start. Lost one of the keys. Are you able to sell me one and if so, what price can you offer? I am in Canada but could arrange for it to be shipped to a US address if necessary.

    Broder01 ·
    Hey there I see you are from Waterford Mi. I lived in Milford I was. Born and raised in Michigan I lived at. Pontiac trail and old plank road. Living in Clearwater Florida now. My wife owns the sorento me I'm still a union man father worked for Gm and I worked for Chrysler at rot heir Warren truck assembly plant in warren back in the early 80's. But I'm impressed with her sorento not. A bad suv. Better tell people that it's not a 4x4 its AWD or FWD it's a unibody vechiale no frame so towing is very limited. Nice to see another Michigander.
    Katie Spanier-Zegarac ·
    Hi i read in an old forum that you can help with a 2013 Kia Soul mirror. I need the entire replacement for my passenger mirror. Any chance you are still able to help? Thank You!
    moonlight ·
    Hi there. I saw in the forum that you are accepting orders for OEM 2016 Kia Sorento crossbars/cross rails that is equipped with panoramic sunroof. I'm living here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and my dealerships don't have this part available. So you're selling this for $235 right plus shipping? Is that US or Canadian? And how much would be the shipping if I ordered from you and how long will it take?
    Jackinfl ·
    I am just getting started on the forum and sent a message but not sure it went through.
    I lost my remote for Sorento (2015 - SX).

    Please advise how I can purchase a replacement from you (if still an option). Also lost the Remote Start Fob.


    Bmpapke97 ·
    Hi, I was just wondering I saw threads saying you could do the 2012 Kia sorento fob, I am in need of as pair set, we bought used and only received one key and would like2, we would need the complete setup, your cost does not include setting it to the car I am assuming since you are in a dif state. Thanks
    triton185 ·
    Just wondering what the price would be on oil filters 26320-3C30A for V-8 Borrego and 26320=3CAA0 for 2014 Cadenza ---- Just checking to see if it would be to my advantage to get them from your dealership rather than down here. Thanks in advance.
    kville kia ·
    Hi Cobra259, correct me if I'm wrong, did I see in one of your posts that you work @ a Kia dealer?

    Would you be willing to run my VIN and let me know if there are any open campaings / service updates needing done. The dealer I purchased it from assured me that all was taken care of, would like to just get a second review...

    Thanks for your time & consideration....
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