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  • bluntman ·
    Hi Paul,

    The ones I bought from AutomotiveAppleAPro in Korea were, for the most part, plug and play. I did have to splice the red lights to the tail gate to the high mounted brake light so that they would light up when the brake pedal was depressed (they light up by themselves when the low beam headlights are turned on). So far, so good, although there is some very slight condensation in the silver section of the left side outer housing, but that is common in the OEM housings. They took about 3 weeks to arrive in the eastern part of Canada.

    Hope this helps!
    ChippyJersey ·
    Hi Mate

    Quick question on the rear lights if I may.

    Are they still all working fine, and were they easy to fit - literally just plug and play or any wiring involved?

    Did they take long to get to the UK?

    I'm starting to hate my UK OEM ones, so looking to replace them. :)


    nvillanu ·
    Hi Bluntman,

    Do you know where can i buy the rearview miror with the embeded display for the backup camera? I have a Sportage EX 2012.

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