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  • barry_mcki ·
    Hi - I've put some photos back on the main page but if they are not detailed enough I can set something up in my Dropbox for you. I haven't found the cutout to be of any significance, as I mentioned I didn't even know they did it until you said something. Is there a reason it doesn't work for you, is your's a lease or similar ?

    jinmikel ·
    Hey Barry,

    I'm the one who asked about hayman reese tow bar.

    Would it be possible for you to link me to a picture similar to your Display Picture? So I can see it from a normal standing view.
    barry_mcki ·
    Hi Joe - the 7" monitor and small camera was from Factory Kiss - they sell heaps of low end stuff on eBay, there current listing for a set both parts is here: 2* Wide Angle 170° Reverse Camera + 7" LCD Monitor Car Rear View Kit | eBay

    I have another camera of a Chrysler 300 - I like the size as it provided better mounting possibliities, that one was from this site:

    Car Bakcup Camera Chrysler 300 300c srt8 magnum Sebring | eBay
    joeb8166 ·
    could you share where or what the parts were for the rear camera deal you implemented? I cant seem to find much less than 100$ or so.
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