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  • Codger ·
    My page view of the 4G forum is completely different since yesterday. All the topic text is enlarged and not in lined boxes. Many overlap each other.
    Very difficult. Is it a forum software problem? No other sites I use are affected so I doubt it's my equipment.
    Thank you.
    Trikky ·
    Hey ahfrederick....where do I click to post a question. I am a new member and I can't even find where to click to introduce myself as a new member.
    bentcorp ·
    P0128 Code ... I replaced the Thermostat last Monday and the Code came up again on Saturday ... Any idea what else it might be ?
    HTW9 ·
    I have free membership. I would like to post and reply to treads but can not. How do I get permission to do that? Do I have to upgrade my membership to the next level?
    3314AC ·
    Can I make a suggestion for a sticky? How about a "new owner shout out" thread or something like that. There are so many "new sx owner" threads the forum is getting time consuming and hard to follow. -Thanks for considering.
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