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  • jdjones821 ·
    hello, seen you post in DIY timing belt and seems you are right on point with your kia knowledge. you said you were going to post step by step instructions on the job. heres what you wrote
    "Dont even worry about the so called "stretch bolts" that dont even stretch, I have re-used so many sets. Doing a head job is incredibly easy. In fact I will do a full write up with detail pics so you guys can do this. "

    did you ever do this, did I miss it?

    I did my timing belt but marked it incorrectly, so I think I have bent valves

    im looking for help of trying to fix this problem

    any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
    rover449 ·
    AbaZ: Reference your post on 10/29/09 on timimg belt breakage on a Kia Rio.
    My daughter, Monday had her '03 Rio just shut down and stop. She was able to coast to the curb. It then would not start or turn over. After it was towed to her apartment I loosened the timing belt cover and found the belt broken. The numerous posts pretty well indicate the engine is wiped out. I understand that if there is no indication of damage after pulling the plugs there is a chance that replacing the head will fix it. If no damage is noted upon pulling the plugs is there a way to find out if the head is actually damaged?
    You mentioned in your post I referenced that you could post directions on how to pull the head for change out. I'd sure appreciate that info and any other you can provide. Claude O'Tyson- [email protected]
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