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  • 2019Sorento ·
    I honestly don't remember. It was somewhat shy of 7 quarts as I had a little left in the last bottle. Plus or minus a few ounces isn't going to make any real difference so nothing to be paranoid about. The dipstick is hard to read. I took a little triangular file and made a small notch at the full mark to make it easier for me to see.

    jimmystiff ·

    If you don't mind can you tell me how much motor oil you filled your MY19 SX V6 with during your last oil change? I drained from under the vehicle (with filter change) and filled with about 6.9 quarts (manual says 6.87). Hard for me to get accurate reading with dipstick, but wanted to make sure I didn't overfill (being paranoid with first change).
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