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  • BernieK ·
    Hello Dan...any chance you're still around and in Whitby or in the GTA? I noticed your offer to scope a fella's in an old post. I have the age old problem of repeated CEL P0301and I need some help. Please let me know if you're available. Thanks
    zoom zoom ·
    Hey, I seen you posted in a thread that you were fitting a mazdaspeed LSD in an 04 Rio transmission. I really want to know how that worked out for you, please get back to me about it!!
    Tsukiyo ·
    Hi Riotunner,you know a lot Kia car's, i need your help i want to make my Kia Rio LX 2009 the best car performance and with turbo included in it. i know my rio doesnt have turbo's but i need your help. i want to make this car a beast performance. because the country were i live everyone think Kia sucks and there 0 Kia's racing street cars. if you can tell me what to do. or make a list of part to make it a performance or good website to search part for my kia. Im going to be very happy if you help me.

    sorry my grammar sucks. I tried my best.
    johndellago ·
    i have some injectors from a GM car i believe they are 245CC's would they work with my 2004 kia rio base? im planning on upgrading to an EFI nitrous kit and turbo setup.
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