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Niro PHEV vs regular HEV

We are in the market for a 2018 and trying to decide between the regular hybrid and the PHEV. There are no PHEV models locally to view (but dealer says they can get one for me if I decide to go that route) so I have a few questions. When reading reviews on the vehicle I am getting mixed answers and cant verify for myself in person so hopefully you guys can help.

1) EV only miles. So it is supposed to go up to 26 miles in EV only mode when charged. My wife drives less than 15 miles per day on a typical day and we could charge each night for around 8cents per kwh which would mean we could potentially almost never use gas. However, some of the reviews I have read online indicate there is no way to keep it in EV only mode and every time you accelerate even a little bit it turns on the gas engine. If this is the case then the upgrade to the PHEV wouldn't make sense. Others have said that you can keep in in EV mode as long as you don't drive like crazy for the full battery charge. So which one is correct?

2) Heat and AC. Again I am reading mixed info on this. I think heat will require the engine to run no matter what correct? Or can it run heat while in EV mode? What about AC?

3) Cargo space. Is the cargo space reduced with the PHEV vs the regular hybrid?

Thanks in advance

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All I can tell you is that my wife had been getting between 46 and 48 mpg with mixed use of the LX hybrid, if that helps you at all. I don't know about the electric one.

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Iíve had the PHEV a little over two weeks and love it.

Iím getting 31 miles with conservative driving in full EV which is enough to get me to work and back, it may get better as the battery stabilises. In terms of combined consumption Iím currently on 185mpg.

My local dealer didnít have a car in stock so I took to carwow and found an in stock car 150 miles from home which I ordered and collected within three days, they were other cars at a further distance so itís worth looking. I paid £23,885.

The engine does kick in on using heater but is only for heater the car still drives in EV mode if you have battery power, soon as you turn of heater the engine cuts out.. not tried AC yet but will and update.

The boot floor is slight raised on the PHEV. I can take a picture if it helps.

We are getting our charge point installed today all organised by Kia at no cost.

In terms of public charging, I signed up to polar plus as most of the chargers locally use that network. Itís £7.85 a month for unlimited usage and free for first three months.

Apps to use are plug share (my favourite) or zap map.
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One thing to consider if you are buying a hybrid. Gas ages and goes bad, so you will want to be sure to run the car on gas to use up fuel in the tank at some point so you can put fresh in. There are gas stabilizer products to prolong the life of the fuel in the tank, but even those only go so far.
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is your dealer certified to work on and service the PHEV's?

buying one and maintaining one are two different things. Where I am there are no dealers certified to do the service so they will not touch a plug in niro
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I'm another UK owner of the PHEV. Provided you don't use the heating, you can drive it quite in quite a spirited manner without using the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). It doesn't even need it for the freeway. I get about 30 miles per charge in town and about 18 on the freeway. The cabin heater uses heat from the ICE, and at this time of the year in the UK, it is needed on the damper days to prevent the glass from misting up. If it got colder, I'd need the heater to prevent icing. On less damp days, t the electric heaters on the seat and steering wheel are perfectly adequate to keep me feeling comfortable.

I don't think you have to worry too much about the gas going stale. It is a pressurised system, and the problems are mainly associated with the evaporation and oxidation of the lighter hydrocarbon chains. So provided you occasionally need to fill up, you should be OK. Depending on the climate, the fuel is likely to remain good for a year or so. My use is mixed - mainly short trips with the occasional 100 mile journey. I fill up approximately every 1000 miles or so - perhaps once every 6 weeks.

All the Kia dealers in the UK that I've come across are (or claim to be) qualified to work on the PHEV.
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Any reason why you wouldn't just hold out for a few months for a 2019 Niro EV with the 240 mile range? That would take all the guess work out of things.


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If you live in the US the PHEV gives a tax rebate of $4500, which may offset the added cost for the plug-in version.

1) I've owned the car for a week and I can say the ICE only kicks on for me when I essentially floor it (I've been driving it pretty aggressively for it's first week, hard not to). If you can get 8 cents/kWh then it's a no brainer and will definitely save you money in the long term.

2) Between the heated seats and steering wheel, I haven't had to run the heater too often. When I do I usually put it in HEV mode for a minute (the engine heats up faster in this mode from my experience), turn the heater on for about 5 minutes to heat up the cabin, then switch the heater off and back into EV mode. The AC should use the battery and not the ICE.

3) Cargo space is identical between the HEV and PHEV models
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