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GDI carbon buildup/ CRC intake valve cleaner

I'm aware of and understand the carbon buildup on the rear of the intake valves on GDI engines. Being conscious of this, I've been looking into the issue and read about the CRC Intake Valve and Turbo Cleaner that can be used to remove carbon I wonder if it really works and could be used as a preventative measure to prevent the carbon buildup issue. I'm wondering if anyone has any personal information on this product. Does it really work, is there any negative effects that it can cause, is it just a over-hyped scam? If anyone has additional information on this, please enlighten me. I'd be using it more as a preventative measure at this point on my 2019 3.3l v6 Sorento.

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Good question! I’m a bit “scared” to use it on my ‘17 Sorento V6 with 16k miles.

I’ve cleaned the throttle body... which was simple enough... but dumping a full can of intake cleaner on top of those valves I’m not so sure of. I’ve heard everything from it being “snake oil”... to folks who use it yearly with 250k+ on their engines that swear by it.

Apparently the older “Lambda” and “Theta” engines have a way to spray gas on top of the valves... but our newer 3.3L V6’s I have no idea.

If anyone knows specifically about the 3.3L V6... we would like to hear from ya!

I’m the type that likes to leave an engine alone as long as it’s under comprehensive warranty... so I’m not doing a thing until I get a good idea what’s going on.
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To both of you....
You need to research "oil catch cans"...

The carbon build up comes from reusing crankcase air by rerouting it to the throttle body... This "air" contains oil from blow by that would in older engines be washed off the valves with the gas injected into the intake manifold... Because the newer engines now inject gas directly into the cylinders (bypassing the intake valves) the oil never gets washed off and ends up cooking on the valves and coating the inside of the intake manifold...

I just purchased a salvage 2014 Optima GDI with 56k miles on it... It had the plastic intake manifold there was oil covering the insides and the intake valves were just forming carbon buildup...

A oil catchcan re-routes the PCV air through it and the baffles and filter material catch the oil (and other deposits) and still allows the air to be recirculated through the engine... You can then drain the can of the oil...

watch this...
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Do the newer Sorento's have the extra injectors that wash over the valves?
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No, no extra injectors. That would drive the cost and complexity way up.
Never happen.
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There is zero factual proven study data that supports using catch cans. What you will find is it will capture 90% water, 8% fuel and 2% blow by oil which was atomized when it got "captured"

If you think using a catch can is going to make any difference in regards to carbon build up on intake valves, it doesn't. If it made any difference at all, the manufacturer would have done it already.

For further clues on this topic, look to what they are doing on the Theta III engines which are already in production right now. They have not added a catch can, but they are adding port fuel injection alongside the GDI.

Both SAE and PECJ have performed extensive scientific studies on GDI carbon building, and determined catch cans are not effective at all. Zero difference.
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We went from carbureted engines to carburetors with injectors built in to port fuel injection to sequential fuel injection to the holy grail; direct injection, like a diesel.

GDI, aka, gas direct injection might be good for emissions but not much else. Engine cost goes way up. Not much improvement in fuel economy or power output.

I've only got 2K miles on my 2.0L DI Gas Turbo and the exhaust tips are black with soot. My Ford Edge with sequential injection at 60K miles has clean exhaust tips. Hopefully as time goes on DI will mature into a better product for the people, not just the environment. My 2 cents........
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@pcguy my oil catch can log proves otherwise. i collected 2 bottles of mostly oil in 4 years time 60,000 miles. how much burnt on oil would that have caused?

manufacturer won't do it b/c its maintenance to empty the cans out, and too many car owners don't do regular maintenance.

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A sample size of one, is not conclusive at all. The SAE and PECJ studies were using much larger data sets. There are a lot of GDI engines on the road now, and there are many that have run a full lifespan without this being a problem at all. If you follow the maintenance schedule properly, chances are high the average vehicle owner will never encounter an issue with it. I have logged personally over 350,000 miles on 3 different GDI engines, and currently 55k plus into a fourth GDI engine, and have not had any issues with carbon buildup at all. No catch cans on any of them. 2 Hyundais, 1 Mazda, and currently a Kia.

I don't worry at all about the carbon boogeyman, and don't use catch cans.
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