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Originally Posted by DavesSpectra View Post
Both are the same look at the Hyundai numbers they are the same except for the spaces/hyphens..
Sorry.......... I ignored it....

Another issue for the check engine light is that there is another code 'P0011' come with the 1st one(engine oil pressure sensor). I just use a obd2 scanner to get it. It is stored.
Also I googled this code. Someone said check the oil and filter first, and then check oil control valve, and then check camshaft sensor or clean camshaft....
Could it caused by this? Some impurities affect the engine oil, and trigger the engine oil pressure sensor and then trigger the P0011 code.

Some PID values:
distance since diagnostic trouble codes cleared: 3466kms
time since diagnostic trouble codes cleared: 8249mins
distance travelled while MIL is activated: 42kms
time travelled while MIL is activated: 153mins

I have already cleared this P0011 code....
I think I need to do the oil change and change a factory filter as you said.
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