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Please help the engine light on and off(2007 kia optima lx)

2007 kia optima lx
80k miles

The check engine light turned on yesterday morning, then I went to a mechanic. They used the computer to check, and there are 2 codes, 1 is for the engine oil pressure sensor. They said if I replace it, the 2 codes will probably disappear.

After I went home yesterday(20 mins highway driving), the check engine light turned off automatically..... And it also doesn't turn on again this morning. Should I go to the mechanic again and replace it? They said even the light turned off, I still need to replace it... They asked for $145 to replace it....

Anyone help??? Thanks a lot.

Just came back from another mechanic.... They said I can ignore it until next time it turns on. They said sometimes some impurities like iron filings can affect the sensor. After the engine running at a high speed, filings will go to other place then the sensor work again ... And they asked me to come back when it turns on again. And the cost they asked is less than $100...

So just ignore it???

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