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After 8 years of hard labor...

After 8 years of hard labor and many repairs, the truck at the beginning of this thread has been demoted to the work truck rather than the daily driver. Why? Because we now have a new one. A 2014... Let the mods begin...
So far
2-MP3 cd stereo
3- Diamond plate bed and sides
4 Build a rack from sch 40 2" pipe bent to desired shapes with folding bench seats that raise and double as side for security. Rear door\rack extends out the back as a bench for a few extra pass. paint all with an durable equipment paint- brushed alum color
5-Add a removeable safari top to rack that also raises for standing pass. along with velcroable side curtians.
6-Modify first set of wheels built for old truck, drill 10 holes to lighten. Cut in half and reweld at just over 7" instead of 8"
7-Purchase a set of Dunlap 275x60r15 performance tires. They are rated for 2000 lbs more weight for a set at 51 psi than the original 14" 10 ply tires even though they are only 4 ply. So now I can ride unloaded at 35psi and get a softer ride and less rolling resistance(ie slight more top end)
8-Trim front corners(very small amount of plastic and extra metal) for tire clearance and touch up with fingernail polish. 7" might have tucked under with 255x60 or 70s instead of the 275s... but I wanted the weight, look and float of the 275s because of our bad roads.
9- Put a 1\8"washer under the bump stops and just slightly raised the torque arms a half turn each and realigned due to added weight ect. Looks good. Will add pics as I get them...
10 Custom built rear step bumper and 2" hitch, moved rear gate bump stops to bumper

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