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There are several solutions available, you can keep standard pistons and compression but just run a lower boost or if you need a lower compression you have the option of having some metal machined from either the piston crown or from the combustion chamber itself. Of course both of these options are dependant on if theres enough metal spare to remove in the first place!

Is the block cast with the crankcases or is it seperate in this engine? If you can remove the block from the cases then you have the option of fitting a spacer plate under the block to lower compression.

Are you fitting heavy duty head studs? Might be an idea on a blown motor. And then depending on the level of boost and HP/ torque increase you might need stronger rods, clutch and gearbox. And then if you really want to get serious you might want to consider a remap of the ECU or even better a fully programmable ignition.

As they say, speed costs money, how fast do you want to go? ;-)
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