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thinking of getting a borrego...

i have been a ford explorer owner since ive had a licence...i know alot of people look at me like im nuts but to be honest, never had any crazy problems and never left me stranded...well its time to get another vehicle and im kinda bored with the ex. thinking of the borrego because its very simular in many ways(that i like) but different enough to be fresh. i have a couple of concerns...first and foremost... i do off road!!! nothing to crazy but enough were a good locker or traction control is needed. i keep reading how the traction control is absolutely terrible, like its absent from the truck or something...can anyone here confirm, if you lift a tire or two are you stuck and done for?

other ones are just stuff i guess ill find out on my own like the stock tires ive herd are terrible and what not. just any advice would be helpful.


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