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drivers seat bolt worked lose.

Just a warning: I had a very unusal thing happen to me in my Borrego EX. I had to stop very quickly on the freeway becuase the car in front of my slammed on their brakes. When I did, my seat rotated off the floor towards the windshield and forced me against the steering wheel. I almost hit the guard rail and crashed. I felt like Wiley coyote being smashed against a building. After investigation a bolt had worked its way loose under the seat in the mechanics that power the seat causing it to swivel up all the way forward when forced by the stop and all the way down when you started back up. The bolt looked like it was put in with lock tite but still came out. 20 miles to the dealer and they fixed it in about 30 minutes. Maybe not much you can do but might be worth checking under the seat to see if they are tight.

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