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I bought this car thinking it will run for ever the same day I bought it it slammed from 4th to 3rd when I was on the hwy on the way home I called the dealership right after it did it they were closed. My luck... I wanted to take it back and get a different car.

Two days later I took it in they said it was the speed sensor I replaced it. It still does it they said it must be the wrong one and called kia, kia said the optimas sensors can only be bought through kia not auto zone I had to wait 2weeks to get one in. I did replaced it and the same thing is happening. I took it in to a transmission place they said I need to rebuild the trans.

After reading this form I'm seing 2 sensors a in & outputs on here is there 2 sensors that I should have been replacing? or 1? I just want to avoid doing the tran.'s if possible. single mom w/ 3 kids and funds are tight.

here are the results from the testing...
p0442 evap leak
p0720 output shaft speed sensor
p1529 manufactor controlled vehicle sensor speed idol control

condition of fluid in transmission speed sensor & tcm may not fix the promblem he says recommends a rebuild. I'm aware that the guy will say whatever to try to get as much money from me. So i'm asking for a honest oppion. He also told me that the only way to change this is to take out the trans. its a internal promblem not external.

st louis, mo
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