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skillset 11-21-2018 07:33 PM

Initial New Sorento Gas Mileage - AWFUL
Hi Guys

New to the forum. Just bought a new 2019 SXL after tons of research and chose it over the Lexus, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and Buick. Love the vehicle so far. I've only driven 40 miles locally and have lost 3/8 of a tank already which is unbelievably poor to me. The info on the dash (I reset after driving the first 25 miles) is not moving over 15...I'm doing all local driving (not start/stop either just local roads doing 35/40). Driving in Comfort mode. No A/C on. Not towing or having heavy loads.

I know it's early in my ownership. I called the dealer and they told me the computer takes a few fillups to build a baseline to report accurate average MPG. Make sense, but I went the the computer only after the fuel gauge dropped so quickly. So, not worried about the computer, but more about how much fuel I've burned since with only 40 miles driven. With 5/8 of a tank left - vehicle says 220 till empty.

Does anyone attribute this to it just being a new vehicle? Couldn't find anything on the internet with gas mileage being a big problem with the Sorentos.

l2iceman 11-21-2018 07:37 PM

For my 2018 v6, on a full tank, I'll get about 450km. Most of it is highway driving, but in heavy Toronto 401 traffic both ways.

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skillset 11-21-2018 09:01 PM

I2iceman - that seems low too, don't you think? Assuming an 18.8 gallon gas tank, 450km is 24 km per gallon or converting to gallons is 15 miles per gallon. Supposed to get 19/24. Forgot to mention mine is AWD.

l2iceman 11-21-2018 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by skillset (Post 1970728)
I2iceman - that seems low too, don't you think? Assuming an 18.8 gallon gas tank, 450km is 24 km per gallon or converting to gallons is 15 miles per gallon. Supposed to get 19/24. Forgot to mention mine is AWD.

Well I don't drive it down to the wire, so going by 18.8 gallon tank isn't accurate unless you drive from Full until the car dies (even once the light comes on you still have quite a bit to go).

I'm thinking I should get another 50 to 100 km.
The main drive is in heavy traffic, so with that considered, I think I'm probably in line haha

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scosgt 11-21-2018 09:49 PM

I was about to post on this subject.
My 2016 SX got no better than 16 in combined driving. The MPG readout was always around 2 MPG high,
My 2019 EX V6 got 15.7 on the prior fillup, the meter was spot on.

Filled up tonight, the actual computed MPG was 18.8, the meter read 19.8
So I think they have improved the calculations! Very happy about that, 1 MPG differential is well within accepted parameters.

I have around 900 miles on the car. Since the last fillup I pumped out the original oil and put in Mobil One full synthetic. I know I am making this up, but the acceleration and MPG are better!
The dealer says they use syn blend on the free oil changes, no one knows what the factory uses, but I would bet it is not synthetic.
Since the filter is now underneath, I will have to bring it in for oil changes, but then I will do the same thing - use my vacuum pump to remove the blend and install Mobil One. Much happier with it.

I think between the Mobil One and the 8 speed tranny, the MPG has improved significantly. This is in NY Thanksgiving time traffic, plenty of it. Some highway, lots of stop and go. I keep it in COMFORT mode.

GeorgiaBoy 11-21-2018 10:50 PM

It does seem a little thirsty but I'd suggest giving it a tank or two and maybe a road trip and see what it does. After all it is new!

I can tell you that 3 months & 3400+ miles in, my 19 EX AWD is about right on the mpg money, 18-20 city, 22 combined & 24-25 highway. In fact, we just completed a 600+ mi run south on highways & I75 through GA & FL and averaged 24.9 & 25.3 @ 70-80 mph (depended on traffic & driver!). It'll be interesting to see what it does going back north cause you know we'll be going up hill!😜😜

And, I should note that all my mpg numbers are "real world" mileage (i.e., # of miles/# of gallons) not trip comp. calculations. In fact, over all fill ups I've found the trip comp. to read any where from 0 to 10% high, so I'd say it averages about 5% high.

Anyway, good luck & hope everyone has happy thanksgiving!

Chicago2018 11-22-2018 12:10 AM

Did you disregard the computer and check the mileage after filling up, then after filling up again (figuring for the gallons replaced)? That would give you a check on the computer as well. You might do this a few times to account for the extra filled in your tank after the first click/shut-off of the pump.

Danno001 11-22-2018 06:32 AM

Not surprised, new vehicle engine break in, drivetrain break in, tire …, you get it. Also winter fuel blend is really hard on fuel economy.
Frankly, the Sorento V6 in top trims are not known for their good fuel economy, everything else makes up for it.

skillset 11-22-2018 06:50 AM

Scosgt - appreciate the detailed reply. I guess nearly 19 combined is 5 off from the rated, so, geez, not that great! Ultimately, I guess that's not horrible but a lot below what I thought I was going to get! Anyway, car's going to be driven mostly by wife locally so I suspect I'll be more like in the 15 range...maybe less :( Good tip on the Synthetic oil - seems liked you dumped the original oil right after your purchase.

GeorgiaBoy - thanks for sharing southern numbers! Good to hear your getting decent numbers - hopefully it will do much better on the highway - haven't take it out highway. My niece is at UGA - great area!

Agree I need to give it a few tanks, but was just pretty alarmed it burned 3/8 of a tank going just a few miles. I haven't yet had a fill up and I haven't really been paying that much attention to the computer MPG. It drives amazing and, as far as I can tell, there's nothing sounding wrong with the engine - it's quiet as hell.

Happy Thanksgiving

2019Sorento 11-22-2018 07:05 AM

I just drove our 2019 SX AWD from Virginia to CT and had actual mileage of 26.5mpg on the highway with a few bouts of bumper to bumper traffic. Around town, we were seeing 20-21mpg. It's only got 800 miles on it now.

Edit: Also, that's with winter tires! I bought an extra set of rims with Pirelli Scorpion snow tires and put them on at about 200 miles on the clock. Also, when I get back to VA in a few days, I plan to dump the factory oil and refill with Mobil1 synthetic oil.


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