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2008 Sedona TCC solenoid circuit code

I have a code for the TCC solenoid circuit. upon investigation I have to pull the filter and Valvebody to get to it. I cant find this part anywhere but if I have to pull the filter and valve body to get to it then I am going to change it if its not expensive or clean it if it is expensive. I own several vintage motorcycles s0 I am use to finding ways to service non-serviceable parts. so anyways, my questions

1. does anybody have the part number for the TCC solenoid?
2. where exactly in the transmission is it?
3. Is it serviceable?
4. Where can I get a replacement part?
5. If its the torque converter clutch failure causing the code, can that be replaced without removing the transmission?
6. Assuming the transmission service at 150K was skipped by the previous owner and not flushed ever, what damage could flushing the transmission at 190k do to it?

this 2008 is a replacement for the 2006 I bought new that died 2 months ago in a spectacularly impressive rear end collision where it got crushed by a dump truck from the rear shoving it into another dumptruck in the front. I got $5000 to replace it. Having recently filed bankruptcy I had to buy a used one for cash. I got this 2008 but it didnt come with a history and while carfax shows its had 2 previous owners (one was Enterprise) and its had regular services..... it dies not say what those services were except all recalls have been preformed. So I dont have a complete service history. I'm not exactly concerned about that because my 2006 had 365,xxx miles trouble free.

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