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Well...just spent 6 hours on this project. Final result...couldn't get the half shaft out. Tried prying, slide hammer with claw, jerking with straps...all failed. I was able to get the old lower control arm out (yep, it appeared fine) and a new Dorman installed. I left the tie rod, sway bar and strut pinch bolts in place. So, this car goes to the shop where they can get it up on a lift and have a go at it...but I had to try. Three things... My hub cap doesn't have a removable center cap, so I tried the screw driver as a stopper in the caliper(this worked because the axle bolt came off too easily with regular hand tools (no way was it torqued to 180 ft/lbs or anywhere close to that. I don't really like that method. Second, reverse the entry of the horizontal control arm bolt so the bolt head faces away from inner tie rod. This gives you better access, Also, to remove the control arm undo the inboard bolts, then the ball joint pinch bolt (make sure you can free this bolt first. Drop the arm and just pound with heavy hammer on spindle by pinch bolt hole. It will eventually drop down. I applied liberal amounts of Liquid Wrench days before before project. You'll have to horse the new one around a bit to get it in. . What did I learn..real mechanics could have knocked this job out in about a hour to an hour and a half and it's worth every penny. For high mileage cars you might as well replace lower arm while doing the CV joint. Check tie rods while doing this job. Go luck to the shade tree crowd.

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