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They use a pry bar to pop the drive axel out and caution against pulling on the drive axel as that can damage the drive axel inner connection.

Beyond this, I'd recommend spending the money to get access to the online Haynes manual so you can watch the video yourself and refer back to it.

If you do a search for Haynes manual on eBay you'll find the link to purchase access. A 14dy subscription costs $5.99 and a one year costs $19.99 initially. I've had the one year subscription for several years now and it's only $9.99 to renew for another year after your initial subscription.

It's well worth the money and I refer to it all the time for stuff like torque numbers, fuel pump replacement etc. Are there better manuals out there, sure. But you're going to pay a whole lot more than $19.99 and $9.99 for the renewal.

And fwiw, the manual for my 09 covers your model year.
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