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Smoke from engine area when driving in 4wd!?

So, new issue now. I had tried engaging 4wd Hi and Lo modes when test driving this Sorento, both modes engaged fine, can hear the transfer case engaging in both modes.

But since I'd read that you shouldn't drive in 4wd with them on tar road, I didn't drive in either mode.

Today I went for a short drive in 4wd hi mode, just at slow speed 30kph in a straight line. Wouldn't have gone 500m before I smelled something cooking. Pulled over and could see smoke cominf from the engine bay. Not thick but noticable, like engine oil burning off a hot engine. Couldn't see where it was coming from under the hood but it seemed to be more to the passenger side of the underside of the engine, could have just been the wind blowing that direction though.

I turned off 4wd Hi and continued on in 2wd, smoke went away immediately.

After I returned home I checked that both 4wd modes are still engaging while stationary. Seems they still engage normally.

Any idea what could be causing this smoke? Obviously something with the front end is getting hot, maybe the transfer case?

As posted in another thread this morning, I'm getting a clunk on stop start which I suspect may be related to the transfer case. So I think the thing might be dry.. I think I will try to drain the fluid soon and replace it.

Any other suggestions would be appreciative though.

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