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Originally Posted by ecanderson View Post
Hard to believe since earlier and later models (nor even any other 2017 heard here) aren't having this issue, but it sounds like you hit a code regression in your particular device. Your symptoms could indicate a rollover failure on 6 April. That one device 'out of the middle' of so many would experience this is pretty amazing.

In your case, it might be of interest to completely kill power to the head unit (and hence, the GPS) for a period of some minutes, and force it to re-awaken and reacquire the almanac. Can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes in a 'clear' sky. Will be interesting to see if re-acquisition of the ephemeris data has any impact on the date/time calculation. It may be that the rollover itself failed, but that the firmware will correct that when it sees a time beyond that of the rollover moment.

Just to be clear, the device IS correctly obtaining a fix for your position, yes?
Yes; the device knows where the vehicle is, and tracks properly on the map. The only thing missing is the time.

So is your suggestion to just disconnect the battery for, say, half an hour, and then re-connect? Or better to pull an appropriate fuse?

Any issues from disconnecting the battery for a while?

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