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GPS has lost the time

We noticed yesterday that the full-screen map display in our 2017 Sorento SXL wasn't showing the time. Switching to the home screen, the time shows as '--:--'. In Setup->Clock, GPS Time is turned on; all the other controls are greyed-out. Turning GPS Time off and on doesn't change anything, and there doesn't seem to be any way to manually set the time, even with GTP Time off (because what I think is the control to get to the setting screen is in-op). The rest of the GPS functions seem to be working properly -- the car knows where it is, and tracks properly on the map.

Looking at the GPS status from (if I remember correctly) the Setup screen, it shows lots of satellites in range, but the time shows as sometime in 1969, which I think is the beginning of the time epoch, and means that the clock has a zero value.

Anyone seen this? Know how to recover? We find we really miss having the time display.

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