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The 4WD system is an option (actually considered by Jeep as a separate model... there's a GC Limited 2WD and a GC Limited 4WD). We bought the 2WD because we don't have any need for 4WD. The most off-roading we do is if a place has a grass parking lot. Even when we travel, it's only within a few hundred miles - otherwise we fly and rent at the destination. The last couple of times we were in Toronto in the winter we had AWD rentals (an Edge and a Caddy XT5) but hardly needed the capability. Toronto doesn't get as much snow as I remember growing up and they do a really good job of clearing the streets promptly when they do get any significant snow. We had a little under an inch of snow here in '89 and the whole town closed for about four days. Canadians would hardly even bother plowing that little bit of snow.
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