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Moving On

I have recently purchased a new Jeep Grand Cherokee to replace my Sorento. The Sorento was a decent people hauler which got better than expected mileage and cost less than most comparably equipped similar vehicles. However, I found as time went on that the pricing indicated that the materials were maybe not up to the standards of other makes. Our two local dealers are complete morons so the benefit of a long warranty was compromised by the only places to get service. And the electronics capabilities are quite behind the market. For example, why can't it set the seat and mirror positions based on the key fob that unlocks the door? The Kia salesman had never heard of such a feature even though I had it in a Ford product five years before I bought the Sorento. And why can't the power mirrors fold out automatically when you put the car in gear? Or why can't I fold the second row seats from the cargo area (2-row EX)? There are plenty of similar questions which don't really need to be asked here.

I am already enjoying the solid truck feel and rear wheel drive of the Jeep as opposed to the more car-like feel of the Kia. That's just me - I prefer a real SUV over a CUV. I may miss the one or two miles per gallon I'm giving up but overall this was a better choice for me.

Anyway, thanks to all on here who have helped and who have put up with me over the past few years. I wish you all well.

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