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I was about to post on this subject.
My 2016 SX got no better than 16 in combined driving. The MPG readout was always around 2 MPG high,
My 2019 EX V6 got 15.7 on the prior fillup, the meter was spot on.

Filled up tonight, the actual computed MPG was 18.8, the meter read 19.8
So I think they have improved the calculations! Very happy about that, 1 MPG differential is well within accepted parameters.

I have around 900 miles on the car. Since the last fillup I pumped out the original oil and put in Mobil One full synthetic. I know I am making this up, but the acceleration and MPG are better!
The dealer says they use syn blend on the free oil changes, no one knows what the factory uses, but I would bet it is not synthetic.
Since the filter is now underneath, I will have to bring it in for oil changes, but then I will do the same thing - use my vacuum pump to remove the blend and install Mobil One. Much happier with it.

I think between the Mobil One and the 8 speed tranny, the MPG has improved significantly. This is in NY Thanksgiving time traffic, plenty of it. Some highway, lots of stop and go. I keep it in COMFORT mode.
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