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Initial New Sorento Gas Mileage - AWFUL

Hi Guys

New to the forum. Just bought a new 2019 SXL after tons of research and chose it over the Lexus, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and Buick. Love the vehicle so far. I've only driven 40 miles locally and have lost 3/8 of a tank already which is unbelievably poor to me. The info on the dash (I reset after driving the first 25 miles) is not moving over 15...I'm doing all local driving (not start/stop either just local roads doing 35/40). Driving in Comfort mode. No A/C on. Not towing or having heavy loads.

I know it's early in my ownership. I called the dealer and they told me the computer takes a few fillups to build a baseline to report accurate average MPG. Make sense, but I went the the computer only after the fuel gauge dropped so quickly. So, not worried about the computer, but more about how much fuel I've burned since with only 40 miles driven. With 5/8 of a tank left - vehicle says 220 till empty.

Does anyone attribute this to it just being a new vehicle? Couldn't find anything on the internet with gas mileage being a big problem with the Sorentos.

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