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Well, I can SOMEWHAT agree with you about your feelings. BUT as a much posting member here and on other forums for my 3 other Chrysler products, that many times I get "fed up with" the many calls for detailed repair instructions and do try and respond, only to have people become argumentive or say OH, I'll just take it to a shop or the "DEALER"! Hard to know peoples skill levels that are much needed with today's cars and electronics or even if they have the tools needed to do the job. Many things take much more than the BASIC set of wrenches/sockets and HAMMERS of older times!
We are here to share helpful common maint./repair experience as members are able, BUT NOT to teach auto repair to someone that has ZERO skills than to where the gas goes into the car. MUCH less than to know to check their motor oil level BETWEEN oil changes!
Good luck to you in finding a "perfect website" that fits your wishes!
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