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Worse Forum Ever

You post anything on this forum and you get hundreds of views and almost negligible response. Doesn't anybody ever know their KIA or work on it??

Forums aren't only about pretty photos of your vehicle, they are the number one source of information on your vehicles or any other subject you need help on. You want to fix your washer or dryer or air conditioner or Ford or Chevy you will find really detailed photos and videos anywhere on the internet. If you want to have a car forum it should be done right. I belong to many forums of all types and this one takes the cake for any help on your vehicles. There are some who actually do show a photo of repair help or share an actual video but that is as rare as can be.

I posted this question once before and got a reply from a moderator or equivalent that this isn't that kind of forum and I suggested to add a forum topic under repair help for the vehicles. Any forum that has anything at all to do with a mechanical issue such as a vehicle really needs that added. Special reason for KIA. They just do not make a repair maintenance manual for them like other manufacturers. You end up getting a basic multi-function vehicles like at an auto store which is useless and never specific.

I just have to believe the moderator of this forum or senior members do not understand auto forums need this added repair section. Because I have searched this forum a number of times and the number of responses to questions has to be like 1%. Times read many many but answers look in the wind for them.

The highest percentage of any forums such as this people go to for answers. If you agree how about more members asking for an added repair section. It would highly benefit all members that need this type of help. And just do a search everyone is asking for repair advice.

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