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Tires are an area where you usually get what you pay for. The more expensive tires are usually better (though there is a limit to what you need). Different types of tires can be more expensive as well. There is warranty which is usually based on how long they'll last (though there are some good tires without a warranty). There is performance, more performance oriented tires will wear faster (and have a shorter/no warranty), but they will be more expensive. Speed ratings also make a difference. Of course, many of these things effect price, and some will do different, even contradictory things (tires made for longevity are harder, tires made for grip or ride are softer and don't last as long, which are "better"). Some things you pay for you may not need (do you really need truck tires with stiffer side walls for towing on a small car, of course not, but that adds to the price). So, to try to find the right combo you need/want and the sweet spot on features (and thus, price) will take some research.

There are a number of sites out there that will explain everything so you can make your own decision what you need. Short of that (most of us don't have the time, and few are as curious as I am about nearly everything and so most people's eyes will likely start to glaze over), there are a few guidelines. In that case, I'd go with a decent set of all-season (don't need to change them in the winter) touring tires. Though, a reasonably priced pair of performance tires will be fine as well, you don't need a sports car for performance tires. As for speed and load ratings, look for what your vehicle had on it from the factory (i.e. 106T, or 104V, or ...) and go with those or better and you'll be fine.

For brands, as a whole Michelin are usually the best, I'm also a big fan of most Yokohama models (nearly to the same quality as Michelin, lower price). Goodyear and Firestone (and to a lesser extent, Continental) are household names, the brands are usually decent to good, but not always the best and you can pay for the name. Some of the Korean brands are good mid-quality tires at a lower price: look for Hankook and Kumho (they are often OEM on Kias and Hyundais).

Like nearly everything else, you can find consumer reviews online for tires, and I believe Consumer Reports does tire reviews.

For brake pads, if you aren't a gearhead who wants to upgrade, you are probably best off going with OEM (what the manufacturer uses). Shop around for price, the dealer may be the best deal, but anywhere that services cars probably does brakes and some will be making deals.

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