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Originally Posted by MIA KIA 09 View Post
So with roughly 21,000 miles,you just had the tires rotated? With an AWD or 4wd, they should be rotated at least every 8 - 10 thousand miles. But glad to hear with as many miles you have on yours (and sounds like good service from it)that you did have the struts/shocks replaced!..
Not so sure of climate temp change being the cause of this, but I personally know of folks having tire troubles when traveling to such warmer areas. Maybe enhanced by not having tires rotated sooner and already showing some of this wear before you left for "snowbirding".
How did you figure out that I JUST HAD THE TIRES ROTATED????? You never inquired about when they were last rotated?

The fact is I take very good care of my vehicles as per the service manual. I rotate at least every 12,000km or 6 months. So don't lecture me on how I am not caring for my Sorento.


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